Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jigsaw Reading

Jigsaw reading is a useful technique to make reading into a communicative activity, as it creates an information gap and the reading is integrated with speaking. Each student reads either a different section of the same text or a different text on a related topic, and then students group together to share their information.

If you'd like to try this technique, here's a ready-made 90-minute lesson designed for sixteen students at upper intermediate level.

1.    Lead-in                        15 mins

a.    Give out the questions and check understanding
b.    Play the video clip
c.    Check answers

2.    Jigsaw Reading                        30 mins

a.    Group students in fours and give each group a different text cut into four sections
                          Text A          Text B          Text C          Text D
b.    Students each read their section then summarise it for the rest of their group
c.    Each group of four makes notes:
               i.     summarising the key points of their text
               ii.    Giving their personal views of the topic

3.    Presentations                        45 mins

a.    Students use their notes to prepare a 4-minute presentation
b.    Tell them that at the end of each presentation
               i.     the group must ask the rest of the class questions for 2 - 3 minutes
               ii.    the rest of the class must ask the group questions for 2 - 3 minutes