Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ancient Corinth

From the Byzantine fortress of Acrocorinth, the view North-West (L) along the coast to Vrahati and beyond. To the North (R), the flat coastal area where the ancient harbour was. Across the Gulf of Corinth, the headland beyond Lake Vouliagmenis, with the mountains of mainland Greece towards Delphi rising behind.

The view to the North-East (L) shows the modern city of Corinth, with a ship docked in the port. On the right is the entrance to the Corinth Canal, and on the opposite side of the Gulf of Corinth is the city of Loutraki, with the Gerania mountain towering above.

Looking further East (R), the Gulf of Corinth is connected by the Corinth Canal to the Saronic Gulf.

The view inland to the South.

Walking down the hill from Acrocorinth to the site of Ancient Corinth.

The fortress of Acrocorinth looming over the site of Ancient Corinth (L), and a view of the Temple of Apollo with the Gulf of Corinth in the background.

Text from St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.

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