Saturday, May 4, 2013

TEFL Athens trainee feedback


"The guidance provided is extremely helpful, and all the essentials are covered in depth. I’m very satisfied with the course. I would recommend it to other people without second thoughts!"

Christoforos Alexiou

"The best thing about the course is the relaxed and professional atmosphere of the learning environment.  I had a great experience."

 Daria Breus-Samolada

"I enjoyed the course and found it interesting, the staff were friendly and helped us to build confidence in our teaching, and I learnt a lot of things to prepare me for teaching English."

Jake Whinn

"Great experience which covered a lot of things within one month. Worth doing - recommended!!!"

Vanessa Digklis

"It was well organised and the teaching was a unique experience. I would definitely do it again."

Ioannis Delegkos

"The whole experience was great. The theoretical part was very useful indeed, the teaching experience with the students was fantastic and gave me great confidence. Also both Peter and Barbara were very helpful assisting and guiding us through the course."
Eve Kater

"After this course I feel more confident teaching a class. The theory was a lot but useful for teaching."

Katie Salvanou

"I was very satisfied with the course and the environment. It was an  excellent experience."

Areti Pifea-Mistrioti

"I am fully satisfied. It was dynamic, different, and life-changing."

Christina Stefanoudaki

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