Saturday, October 26, 2013

TEFL Greece trainee feedback September - October 2013

“I felt the material in the lessons was very thorough and it provided all the tools and knowledge I will need to be an excellent teacher. I was impressed with the information provided. I came with no teaching experience and unsure whether I would enjoy teaching. I feel I now know what is needed to teach and the magnitude of information is impressive. The lectures, teaching practice and activities were all effective and will be a part of my teaching success.”
Angela Erlendson

“The friendly, open atmosphere made me feel welcome. The course was enlightening. I learned and experienced effortlessly and would suggest that this course be taken by anyone with a thirst for knowledge, career progression or mere enthusiasm.”

Kat Apostolakos

“I had a great time with the course, I feel like I learned a lot about the things I needed to brush up on and I also went to the beach every day.”
Shane Alexander

“My expectations were fulfilled regarding course content and quality. The teachers were excellent.”
John Doyle


“Angeliki was so warm in welcoming us and making our stay enjoyable. Daria was a great instructor and gave very constructive feedback. I am so glad I have spent a whole month here.”

Mason Jarecki-Nimmo


Being able to discuss teaching methods in a classroom setting helped solidify some of my ideas. The book is very helpful.

Heather Rice

“The teachers were very good. The students were easy to work with. Ways of teaching have changed since I left college. I learnt new approaches.”
Gabriele Doyle

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