Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New TEFL course timetable

Our brand new TEFL course timetable is designed to maximise your hands-on classroom experience, while giving you just enough theory to provide a sound basis for your practice. We've just finished piloting the new timetable, and we're looking forward to working with the updated course this summer.

The course has a very strong practical focus on learning how to select appropriate materials for learners of different ages and language levels. As most lessons are based on course books, we work extensively with these, just as you will do when you start your first teaching job after the course.

You will also learn how to work creatively with published materials, adapting and supplementing them to make them more interesting for your learners, and how to create activities using authentic materials.

We work extensively with all kinds of electronic resources, including software for the interactive whiteboard, ELT websites and authentic online resources.

Teaching with technology is no longer a special focus - it's part of everything we do.

The gamification of learning doesn't have to take an electronic form. Our trainees learn through practical experience how to use all kinds of games to make it fun to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

A game of pictionary used in place of a vocabulary test is not only more enjoyable but also more memorable.

As well as several sessions on ways of teaching grammar creatively, our new timetable also includes a whole morning on teaching vocabulary, and another whole morning on teaching pronunciation.

Teaching speaking is a particular focus of the course as for most learners this is the most essential of the four skills, but the one most often overlooked in the classroom. We also combine this with  a lot of work on listening - although most listening activities in the classroom use recordings, most real-world listening takes place when learners participate in conversation.

In all of our work on language skills, we work together on practical tasks so that by the end of the course you have acquired a clear insight into what works and why.


Download the new timetable here.

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