Thursday, September 18, 2014

TEFL Corinth trainee feedback

"I really enjoyed the course, it was informative and educational. My teacher was friendly and energetic, making each lesson personable and easy for me to ask any questions necessary. I feel more confident and comfortable teaching students at any level.."

Maria Ezanidou

"The best thing about the course was its great learning environment. The teacher produced a very positive and healthy learning atmosphere. I very much enjoyed the course. It has helped me get a better grasp of the English language, rules and guidelines, and practical teaching practice. ."

Bill Sinis

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The course has not only given me experience as a teacher but it has also helped to build up my confidence. I enjoyed the teaching practice, and socializing with my classmates. I have learned so much over the past four weeks and I am so grateful for all the support I have received."

Eleni Demetriou

"The whole course has been a positive experience – the support and encouragement from Georgia has kept me going. The different teaching opportunities were invaluable as they allowed me to gain a true experience of what TEFL would be like. I would recommend the course to anyone as whilst being challenging, you get opportunities that you would not get online."

Helen Daley


"It was an intensive four weeks of learning but it was honestly great! Georgia was very patient despite my lack of grammar and teaching experience. She balanced all of our weaknesses and strengths so well. Angeliki was so welcoming, Vrahati was the perfect location, the teaching experience was invaluable, and all the TEFL training classes were informative and beneficial!."
Liana Sinclair

"I have had a great time!!! The class sessions were interesting and engaging. I really appreciated the teacher Georgia’s attitude. She has been supportive, patient and very professional.."

Elisabetta Boatti

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