Saturday, October 11, 2014

TEFL Corinth trainee feedback

"We were guided during lesson preparation and the feedback after the teaching was always helpful. The practice both in the school and in private lessons helped me to become more confident, which enabled me to enjoy all the parts of the course."

Beatrice Vecchio

"The practice, the diversity and variety of activities, the different teaching levels, the input of grammar and methodology were all appropriate and useful."

Brahim Ben Brahim


"All the input sessions are very interesting and stimulating. It is very useful to review grammar etc. We started to teach from the beginning, which is a good point because we can improve our teaching during the following weeks."

Virginie Ruiz

"The material covered was all highly relevant to English Language Teaching, and was presented in a pleasant, thorough, practical setting conducive to learning. The practical teaching exercises were very useful, especially the feedback. A very good overview of all the materials, methods, exams, the market."

John Stratiotis

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