Thursday, March 10, 2016

What to look for in a TEFL course

There are three essential criteria that a TEFL course must meet in order to be recognised internationally. Firstly, it must have a minimum duration of one hundred hours spread over at least four weeks. Secondly, it must have at least six hours of observed teaching practice with real students. Thirdly, it must be accredited by a university.

The Anglo-Hellenic TEFL course in Corinth meets or exceeds all of these requirements. Our course has a duration of one hundred and twenty hours, normally in four weeks, or in eight weeks in the case of our part-time option. And we provide ten hours of teaching practice, working with groups of children and teenagers in local schools, and with the option also to teach additional one-to-one lessons with adults.

TEFL Greece certification is provided by TEFL International, the largest TEFL training organization in the world, so our certificates are recognized worldwide. All TEFL International certificates are validated by Fort Hays State University, which provides a Quality Assurance report on the course on a regular basis. All our graduates receive a summary of the report from the university, as well as the option of gaining three credits and a transcript from FHSU.

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