Friday, September 30, 2016

TEFL Corinth trainee feedback

"Our teacher Georgia was amazing! She was lovely, made us feel comfortable and well supported and explained everything well. I’ve had a very interesting and useful time on the course and have definitely improved both my understanding of grammar and confidence in the classroom."

Mary Cornell

"It was interesting and useful, a great opportunity to learn important things and have teaching practice. I got a chance to revise some stuff I had already known, and to find out some useful tips for future teaching practice."

Anastasiya Kuznyetsova


 "I enjoyed the course thoroughly although it is very intensive. I have learnt a lot over four weeks and feel confident to take it further."

Richard Ryan 

"Peter was very professional and it was an enjoyable experience to learn from him. I feel it has been an important experience for me to gain skills that could help me later in life. Everything has been above my expectations."

Christina Payne 

"It was a wonderful experience as we were constantly learning how to do many things in many different ways. The feedback we got was excellent and very helpful. It was what we needed to start our teaching career with confidence."

Alexandra Benas 


"It was an amazing experience which gave me all the extra knowledge I needed. I learnt a lot and I feel more prepared for what is coming next. I gained confidence and a good amount of experience teaching to motivate me to continue."

Christina Cheilakou

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