Sunday, February 22, 2009

Archaeology Tour

The first Sunday of the course, we do our most popular trip, the Archaeology Tour.

The first part of the drive, going south from Vrahati for about half an hour is mainly open countryside, cultivated with grapevines and olive trees.

Our first stop is Nemea. This site is quite compact, and is a very accessible place to start. Though small, the museum is well-presented and informative.

The map on the wall behind Annie shows the context for the finds in the museum. Many of the items on display are from the Hellenistic period, and are mainly from Nemea itself, but there are much older finds from iron age settlements in the surrounding area.

This reconstruction shows what the site looked like in its heydey, and is situated so that visitors can look out of the window and visualise the landscape with the buildings intact.

Everyone takes pictures of this skeleton.
"I was once like you are now."

This view of the site shows the magic and serenity of the location.

In the stadium, Priyanka and Lori re-enact a race.

We stop for lunch at a taverna outside Mycenae, with simple traditional Greek dishes: moussaka, bean soup, boiled greens, meatballs, "saganaki" cheese.


In the narrow streets of Nafplio, there's much to photograph.

Doug inspects the bullet hole in the wall of
the church where Kapodistrias was assassinated.

Priyanka prepares to make her getaway.

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