Monday, February 16, 2009

Who's who

First day of a new course.

In the winter, the groups tend to be smaller, but we still have an interesting diversity. This group is a good illustration of the kind of people who take the course with us.

The current group are all in their twenties, which is fairly typical, though we get people of all ages throughout the year.

Five of the six are native speakers of English.

Josée is from Quebec, so her first language is French, but she has picked up varying amounts of several other languages on her travels.

Priyanka grew up in Papua New Guinea, looks Indian and sounds Australian.

The other four are from the USA, though Lori's parents are both from the Philippines and Marianna's father is Greek.

Annie and Doug have just completed a year teaching in Korea; none of the others have any teaching experience.

Each individual is unique, but collectively this group provide a typical example of the kind of people you can expect to find taking the course here.

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