Monday, November 17, 2014


Crosswords take a little more time to create than some of the other activities, but you can save time by using an online facility like Puzzlemaker to generate them automatically. You can also find ready-made crosswords for common lexical sets, like these food crosswords.

As crosswords usually require definitions, students need to be of a high enough level to be able to understand these. Clear and accurate definitions can be time-consuming to write, but you will probably have already prepared definitions for use when you first taught these words. You could also use a learner's dictionary to find definitions, or use example sentences taken from the lesson in your coursebook.

For learners at lower levels, if the words you want to review are concrete nouns, definitions can be replaced with pictures.

Solving crosswords is generally regarded as a solitary activity, but can also be done in pairs or teams, and if you project a crossword on the whiteboard, the whole class can work on it together.

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