Saturday, November 15, 2014


A wordsearch is a fun activity to reinforce new vocabulary, and is particularly useful for Beginners as it doesn't require them to remember the meanings of the words, but simply to be able to recognise them. The ease with which learners can complete this type of puzzle gives a boost to their motivation, and focusing on finding the letters in the grid is a useful way to reinforce spelling, particularly for learners who are having to get used to a new alphabet.

Wordsearches are quick and easy to create, using either a word processing programme or a website like Puzzlemaker. Don't use too many words to begin with, or make the grid too large. It may also be simpler to start with all the words arranged horizontally. 

Although wordsearches are usually printed out for learners to work on individually, it can also be fun to do them as a group. You can project the wordsearch that you make yourself, and you can also find websites with ready-made interactive wordsearches like this one from

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