Monday, December 15, 2014

Vocabulary Games and Activities 1

This title in the Penguin English Photocopiables series is a spiral-bound resource book with over a hundred pages of ready-made materials to photocopy, arranged in sections according to level from Beginner / Elementary to Upper Intermediate / Advanced.

The activity we have selected is a version of dominoes designed to practice compound nouns. As well as the cards with the words to be matched, there is also a board to lay them out on, which is illustrated with the vocabulary items that learners need to find, such as newspaper and postcard. Each card has the end of one compound noun and the beginning of another. Students in pairs or groups have to find the cards that match and lay them in order as in the game of dominoes.

As all the necessary materials are provided, this activity can be used with very little preparation time. Alternatively, like many of the activities suggested in these resource books, it can be adapted to practise any area of language that you want to work on. Another example using dominoes in this book has cards with food words, and you could make similar cards for any set of concrete nouns.

Watcyn-Jones, P. (2001) Vocabulary Games and Activities 1, Harlow: Pearson

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