Friday, December 12, 2014


This title in the excellent Resource Books for Teachers series has over a hundred activities, many of which are suitable for learners of all levels from beginner to advanced. There is a strong emphasis on humanistic activities, but also a range of activity types encompassing working with texts, using corpora and concordances, word games, and many others.

The activity we have selected, Find the word a picture aims to get students to link words and visual images, using word cards and a collection of pictures from magazines. Depending on the size of your class, it's suggested that you use sixty words from previous lessons that need revising, and a hundred pictures. The pictures don't need to be specially selected, as they don't have to illustrate the words, but can simply be related to them in some way.

Give out a few word cards to each student, and spread the pictures on tables around the classroom. Students circulate to find pictures that somehow match each of their words. The picture doesn't have to illustrate the word directly, but may symbolize it, or be suggested by it through association or context. Ask the students in small groups to explain to each other how they have matched their words and pictures.

Morgan, J. & Rinvolucri, M. (2004) Vocabulary, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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