Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TEFL Corinth trainee feedback

"Georgia’s patience, explanations, tenacity, generally her character and personality are the bee’s knees."

John Aron

"While the amount of information to be delivered is considerable, the instructor is patient and delivers it in a well-paced manner, and moves through the curriculum taking the time to make sure it is presented in an easily understandable manner."

David Schneider

"The relaxed, friendly, chatty experience provided a comfortable environment making it easy to learn. It was well structured and organized whilst flexible and sensitive to people’s needs. I was fully engaged and had fun."

Alexandra Mocroft   

"Georgia has a warm and supportive nature and works harmoniously with different personalities. As I’m a teacher who is actively pursuing knowledge, I found the course a source for professional development and a dynamic way to grow as an educator."

Eleftheria Kotseroni

"The possibility to practice teaching almost every day was great. I know what to work on and how I can improve. Georgia and Angeliki encouraged me a lot and I enjoyed teaching. "

Tessa Groen

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