Monday, February 29, 2016

Where is the best place to take a TEFL course?

In most cases, the best place to take a TEFL course is in the country where you intend to teach after the course. This means you can gain insight into the ELT profession in that country and experience the way that English is taught there. The teaching practice component of the course is particularly helpful in this respect. If you aim to teach children and teenagers, it wouldn’t be a good idea to take a course which provides teaching practice only with adults.

Another important consideration is the assistance that you will receive with obtaining employment after the course. Most TEFL courses include a job guidance component, and some course providers have established links with TEFL employers worldwide. But if you already know where you want to teach, taking the course in your chosen country should give you preferential access to jobs. TEFL Corinth is operated by Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment, the main source of TEFL jobs in Greece, so we are in a unique position to help you find a teaching job in Greece.

Corinth is the ideal TEFL course location for those who want a simple and convenient package with everything provided. The suburban railway from inside Athens airport brings you straight to Corinth, and we’ll meet you on arrival to ensure your transfer to your accommodation is fast and simple. We provide inexpensive accommodation right by the TEFL Corinth training centre, so no travel is required and all the facilities you need are within five minutes’ walk.

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